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Aloe Vera Face Gel

Clean 'N' Clear
Oily Face
Wrinkle, Sun Burn
Aloe Vera Face Gel
Use Both Man and Woman

  • Helps removal of the dead skin cells
  • Reduces the formation of melanin and tendency for hyper-pigmentation
  • Moisturizing dry skin
  • Helping look younger with healthy skin
  • Remedy for minor cuts, insect bites and eczema, pimples, allergic skin conditions

INR 296

100 gm. For 15 Days
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Hair Care Kit

Stop Hair Fall
Grow Hair's
in Just 90 Day's,
Make Strong 'N'
Healthy Hair's.

  • Effective for Hair fall and baldness.
  • Control Dandruff.
  • Nourishes Hair Roots.
  • Prevent Premature Graying
  • Control Thinning of Hair.
  • Promotes Thick,Healthy and Shining Hair.
  • It start working from very first application.
Complete Course Of Hair Grow Kit is 120 Days.*

INR 824

For One Month Pack
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Medicated Aloe Vera Juice

Medicated Juice
Asthma, Joint's Pain,
Blood Pressure, Diabetes
Skin Problem's, Acidity
Heart Problem, Obesity
General Weekness.

  • Digestion problem,Anti-bacterial,Weight Loss,Anti fungicidal.
  • Constipation,Anti-pyretic,Kidney Stone,Anti septic
  • Lever Problem,Antibiotic,Heart Problem,Anti-inflammatory
  • Blood Pressure,Allergy treatment,Acidity,Asthma
Use Regulary 10 To 12 Month.*

INR 562

1 Ltr. For One Month Pack
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Hair Tonic

Stop Grey Hair
Hair Fall & Dandraff

in Few Days
Natural Hair Oil with Aloe Vera

  • Natural UV Protector
  • Enhances Hair Growth
  • Nourishes Scalp and Hair
  • Protects Colored Hair
  • Remedy for Dandruff
  • Prevents Hair Loss
Use Regulary For Better Result.*

INR 594

300 ml For 30 Days
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Hard Skin Orange Gel

Hard Skin Orange Gel
Remove Blackness For
Neck,Knee and Elbow
in few days

Useful For

  • Blackness of Neck
  • Blackness of Knee
  • Blackness of Elbow
  • Under Arms
  • Tan Skin
  • Body Sunburn
  • Not Use on Face

    INR 336

    160 gm For 15 Days
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    Ambrosia Leaf(English Patti)

    Ambrosia Leaf
    Natural Treatment
    For Diabetis with
    Natural Sweet Leaf.

    Sweetleaf Sweetner has

    • ZERO Calories.
    • ZERO Carbohydrates.
    • ZERO Glycemic Index.
    • ZERO Chemical.
    • Maintain Blood Pressure.
    • Maintain Blood Sugar Level.
    • 100 Natural very good for health Conscious.
    Use Regulary For Better Result.*

    INR 240

    70 gm For 15 Days
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    Herbal Foot Cream

    Best treatment for
    worst heel cracks,
    Dry Raugh and
    Cracking Heel.

    • Cure the cracks of your feet
    • Works between the fingers too
    • Makes your feet soft and smooth
    • Protects them from infections

    INR 204

    120 gm For 20 Days
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    Anti Mark Pack

    Face Mark's
    in Seven Day's.

    • Useful in Pimples
    • Useful in Dark Circle
    • Useful in Acne
    • Useful in Scars.
    • Useful in Pigmentation
    • Useful in Sunburn
    • Undereye Treatement
    • Useful in Wrinkles.
    For Better Result Use Min 30 Days Course

    INR 474

    240 gm For 30 Days
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    Medicated Tooth Powder

    Remove Yellowness
    From Teeth

    with Pure Herb's
    Using Medicated Tooth Powder

    • Make Teeth white and Strong.
    • Useful for Teeth Pain.
    • Remove Temporary Yellowness of Teeth.
    • Remove Pan Masala mark.
    • Remove Cigratte,Tea,Coffee mark.
    • Useful in Pyria,Cavites.

    Use Regulary For Better Result.*

    INR 336

    100 gm. For 20 Days
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    Body Pain Oil

    Instant Cure For
    Knee pain, Joint pain
    Cervical, Arthritis
    Back Pain,Migrain

    • Useful In joint Pain
    • Useful In Knee Pain
    • Useful In Arthritis
    • Useful In Cervical
    • Useful In Spondylistis
    • Useful In Migrain
    • Useful In Backpain
    • Useful In Gout
    • Useful In Slipdisc
    Use Regulary For Better Result.*

    INR 552

    360 ml. For 45 Days
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    S-16 Capsule

    Reduce Weight
    2-3 Kg in a Month

    Use S-16 Natural Capsule.

    keep perfect weight we need to eat less. We need to eat right food. How do you please your stomach and lose weight at the same time? By changing your diet habits. S-16 Capsule helps you to do that easily. Natural Herbal components contained in these Capsules, have been used in traditional medicine practices for many centuries. Formula is designed to promote healthy appetite and burn fat fast and effectively.
    For Better Result Use 90 To 120 Days.*

    INR 756

    For 40 Days
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    Anti Mark Treatement Kit

    Clean 'N' Clear
    Remove Face Mark
    Pimples, Pigmention
    Dark Circle and Black Spot

    • Useful in Pimples
    • Useful in dark circle.
    • Useful in Acne
    • Useful in Scars
    • Useful in Pigmentation
    • Useful in Sunburn.
    • Useful in Undereye Treatement.
    Complete Course 30 To 40 Days.*

    INR 612

    For 20 Days
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    D...Herbal Under Arm Gel

    Herbal Remady For
    Dark Underarms

    Useful in

    • Whitens
    • Dark Underarms
    • Bikini
    • Sensitive Area
    • Softens and smoothens Skin
    • Antibacterial
    For Better Result Use Regulary.*

    INR 238

    105 G

    D...Herbal Peeda Nashak Oil

    Best for carvical &
    shoulder Pain

    Useful in

    • Shoulder Pain
    • Joint Pain
    For Better Result Use Regulary.*

    INR 376

    80 ml
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    D...Herbal Aswaganda Natural Capsules

    for general

    Useful in

    • Weakness
    For Better Result Use Regulary.*

    INR 280

    40 Capsule
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    D...Herbal Pure Shilajit

    Natural Medicine

    Useful in

    • Supports Fertility
    • Promotes Testosterone Levels Naturallyn
    • Enhances Performance
    • Protects the Heart
    • Supports Memory
    For Better Result Use Regulary.*

    INR 480

    24 gm.
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    About us.

    D...Herbal is one of the leading herbal company in India, headquartered at Delhi, in the state of Delhi. The company is a manufacturer and supplier of standardized herbal extracts, phytochemicals and herbal veterinary healthcare products which are validated, effective, safe and consistent. It has a significant presence in major markets. With over 25 years of existence, Natural Remedies has successfully carved .

    Our Process

    Natural Remedies has developed expertise in blending the in-depth knowledge of traditional herbs with modern science, to offer varied range of safe, efficacious & economical healthcare products

    Our Approach

    The prime focus of the company is on the new approaches in Phytosciences and committed to innovation and efficacy, managed by veteran leadership, strength, stability and strong performance.

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